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Magic Color

Magic Color

Magic Color, lightfast, non-toxic, liquid acrylics are made for the most discerning artists. An easy-to-use eye-dropper type lid is included with every bottle for easy application of the exact amount of colour the artist needs, and all colours are inter-mixable. Each colour can be used direct from the bottle or diluted for more pastel effects, washes or layering.
The attractive retail display houses all 24 colours plus a dilutant / lacquer and a cleaner. A colour chart/info booklet sits in a convenient nook on top of the rack, which measures 21.5” high, 18” wide and just 12” deep.

For colour selections please refer to the colour chart below:

Click here for a larger colour chart.

Please note: Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colours displayed in the colour chart below may not accurately represent the actual colour.




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