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Chromaroll Inkjet Metal

Chromaroll Inkjet Metal

Chromaroll is an exciting new way to print unique photographs and artwork onto a metal surface. Unlike some other "metallic papers" that are merely paper coated with a silver ink, Chromaroll uses cutting edge technology to produce a micro-thin metal surface that has a mirror finish, enabling results that are not possible with other media. Chromaroll starts out as a very thin sheet of polypropylene that is coated with a layer of aluminum in a process known as "vacuum metallization". The metal surface is then coated with an inkjet receptor, and the result is a sheet or a roll of a unique surface that will provide even the novice with incredible results using a home or office inkjet printer. Various size rolls of the same product are available for professional printing machines. Just use the same settings on your printer as you would for any glossy or premium lustre photographic paper and allow the ink to dry. If desired, images can be protected by sealing with a fixing spray or they can be hot or cold laminated.




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