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Scraper and Lino Cutters

Scraper and Lino Cutters

This new Baren Kit from Educational Arts in the U.K. is an ideal tool for use in lino printing and block making. This versatile kit can be used as a lino cutter with the included handle and 5 cutters, as a baren for burnishing, as a stamper with the SoftCut™ discs, and as a storage unit for the cutter blades. 


The high quality cutters are among the best available, yielding fine cut lines and low cutting effort for producing excellent results in suitable material. The polished nylon base of the baren glides over the thinnest of papers to burnish the back of a print, resulting in excellent pick up of ink without the need for a press. 

The SoftCut™ discs (2 free discs are included with each Baren Kit) have a sticky side so that they can be held steady on a flat surface for cutting and then placed onto the face of the baren for stamping. The discs can then simply be wiped clean and the protective silicone cover placed back onto the sticky side for storage. 

The Baren Kit complete with 2 discs is a wonderful value with an MRP of only $9.99, and replacement discs are available in packs of 10 for only $4.49. 

Lino Cutters and Handles 
The Educational Arts lino cutters are made from high carbon steel in ten different shapes. Durable and long lasting, these cutters are precision ground to optimum angles, providing effortless cutting. Each of the cutters are available in boxes of 12 each as well as assorted boxes of 25. The box set (L10S) includes 1 of each cutter and a sturdy handle which is complete with an expandable collar allowing the cutters to be fitted and tightened with ease. Lino cutter handles are packaged either with the cutters or in boxes of 12.

Cutting Heads 


Scraperfoil Cutters and Holders 
Our Scrapercutters are made from high carbon steel, tempered to maximum limits for long life and then jig-ground to provide the optimum scraping edge. Four styles are available in boxes of 12 each. The Scrapercutter handles also accommodate many of the pen nibs that are on the market today, and are available in sets of four with one of each cutter or as handles only in boxes of 6 or 12.





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