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The Sofft® range of art tools is a new generation of tools and applicators for artists and crafters. Sofft® Tools were specifically designed for use with PanPastel® colours and can also be used with most water-based art & craft materials to create exciting new techniques, marks and effects.

Sofft® Covers are sized specifically for the use with Sofft® Knives and Shapers. They transform Knives and Shapers into absorbent tools, capable of carrying and releasing colour and material in a unique way. These micropore sponges are semi-absorbent and can be used several times. 

Sofft® Knives have transformed the traditional painting knife into a multi-use and absorbent applicator for art and craft techniques. When used with Sofft® Covers, these inexpensive tools function like a cross between a brush and a knife.

Sofft® Shapers are indispensable art and craft tools suited for a variety of applications either with or without Sofft® Covers. Their flexible silicone tips make them versatile and absorbent when used in conjunction with Sofft® Covers. 


Unique features of our product:

Micropore Sponge; This non-abrasive, semi-absorbent material is specially formulated to hold and release just the right amount of colour for smooth, uniform results. 

Reusable; Sofft® Sponges and Covers can be re-used several times (the number of times depends on the type of colour and surface being used). 

Unique Shapes & Sizes: The shape of each Sofft® Tool has been designed specifically for the needs of artists and crafters.

  • Use for fine details and gestural marks 

  • Quickly block-in large areas of colour, such as backgrounds 

  • Perfect for difficult to reach places on craft projects 



  • Use with a variety of mediums - from pastels and charcoal to artists' acrylics and ceramic glazes. 

  • For a variety of applications- from applying gesso to smoothing polymer clay. 


Easy to Clean: Simply wash with soap and warm water. Squeeze and air dry. 


Great Control: Sofft® Tools enable a more direct connection with the working surface, making it easier to control and predict 

the final marks achieved. 


Easy to Use: Sofft® Tools instantly feel comfortable to use, they are even easier to use than a brush!



For information on PanPastel®, please click here.

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