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- Dekko Files
- Krystal Seal Bags


The ultimate combination of style, fashion and function Dekko Portfolios are the coolest and safest way to store and transport your artwork while making an artistic statement about yourself at the same time.


Dekko files are constructed from durable polypropylene with ultrasonic welded seams for maximum strength. They are scuff-proof, waterproof

and completely archival to provide the maximum protection for your

valuable work. 


To compliment your art (or just to coordinate with your outfit), Dekko Portfolios are available in six translucent colours and two solid metallic colours. Four sizes are tailored to fit standard pad and paper formats and a generous 1 ½" gusset combined with a one piece ergonomically designed carrying handle ensure that your Dekko will hold everything you need and more. 


Sizes Available: 14" x 18", 17" x 22", 19" x 25" and  23" x 31"

Available colours;


Electric Blue

Neon Purple

Shadow Black

Crystal White

Please note: Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colours displayed on the below colour chart may not accurately represent the actual colour.

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