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New Masters®

Finally - The First and Only Classic Quality Acrylic


A lifelong dream of the late owner of Old Holland, Professor Theo de Beer, was to create an acrylic paint that was worthy of carrying the Old Holland brand name. Theo personally named the project “New Masters” as he felt that just as Old Holland oils were used in many of the works of the Dutch masters, it should follow that Old Holland acrylics would be used today by the new masters of art.

The primary criteria were established as follows;


1. The range should complement the existing oil and watercolour ranges, being a unique mixture of the best traditional colours yet including the finest pigments born of new technologies.

2.  All pigments must be lightfast to ASTM 1 & 2 or BWS 7+ standards.


3. In keeping with Old Holland tradition, each colour must be formulated with the maximum pigmentation     

possible in the binder system.


4. New Masters Classic Acrylics must be formulated free from extenders or fillers of any kind.


5. 100% pure acrylic resin must be the backbone of the binder system to give excellent adhesion, colour retention and working properties combined with minimum wet-dry colour shift.


Born of over 20 years exhaustive research into the chemistry of acrylic colours followed by six years of development, New Masters offers the artist a completely new experience in acrylic painting. All 168 colours are fully saturated with lightfast pigments dispersed in a proprietary acrylic binder system unique to New Masters. The result is a paint that looks and feels like a classic quality oil colour but with all the advantages of an acrylic. In fact, if one compares the Old Holland oil and the New Masters acrylic colour charts, it hard to tell the difference between the two. That is a testament to the quality of New Masters; that it is virtually indistinguishable in colour strength, brilliance & intensity from the oil colour range that is the basis of its’ heritage.



For colour selections please refer to the colour chart below:


On the left, or above, if you're 

on mobile, is the colour chart paint selection sheet, as a small image.

Click on the colour chart image

for a larger version of the colour chart.


Please note: Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colours displayed on the attached colour chart may not accurately represent the actual colour.

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