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- Permaset Aqua

- Permaset Supercover

- Permatone CO


Permaset Aqua incorporates both regular and Supercover colours. Supercover colours are specifically designed to provide excellent coverage, opacity and definition over dark fabrics whilst retaining maximum stretchability. Both ranges include Glow colours, and Metallics and Process colours are also available. Permaset Aqua can be achieved with great results on cotton, polyester, silk and most synthetics, without the need for additives.


Available sizes include 300 ml, 1 liter, 4 liter, and 15 liter. 


Please click here to see the Permaset Aqua heat curing information.


To see a copy of the Permaset Safety Certificate (this report shows Aqua adding 8ppm of formaldehyde to a typical garment that contained 14ppm pre-print) please click here.


Please refer to the Permaset Supercover colours and Supercover Glow colour chart below:

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