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Percy P. Baker, the creator of Rekab Brushes, was born in Konigsberg, East Prussia in 1875 and before the end of the century immigrated to London, England. He worked in the streets of East London as a peddler, selling whatever was available, until in 1913 when he met two women who taught him the art of brush making. These women became the first workers for the company of Percy P. Baker Ltd. which was officially established in 1914. The company specialized in soft hair brushes using sable, squirrel and pony hair, as well as in bristle. 


By 1940, the company employed 200 workers and both Percy's wife and son were actively involved. The manufacturing operation was totally self-reliant. The company made its own handles and ferrules
and dressed its own hair. 


During World War II, the factory was bombed and Percy, along with other members of his family and workers, was killed. The company continued to manufacture and sell its brushes and remained operating in London until 1979 when the current owner, Percy’s eldest grandson, decided to move the business to Israel, where the factory is located today. 


Rekab Brushes continues the Percy P. Baker tradition of manufacturing only top quality, hand-crafted soft hair brushes. The Rekab name can be found worldwide in Europe, the US, Australia and South Africa. 


The range of Rekab Brushes offered by Armadillo Art is extensive, and includes the following: 


  • Kolinsky Sable

  • Red Sable

  • Squirrel

  • Sable-Ox & Ox

  • Taklon


Hobby & Craft 

  • Taklon

  • Golden Konex

  • White Konex


Oil & Acrylic

  • Red Sable

  • Sable-Ester

  • Kolinsky

  • Taklon

  • Teijin

  • Bristle

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