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Brusho is a 34-colour range of non-toxic, pigmented crystalline powders. It mixes instantly with cold water to produce stunning watercolor effects. Sprinkle it on dry paper and "spritz" with water to create amazingly vibrant bursts of intense color; sprinkle onto wet paper for different effects or mix with water at any strength to make any color of your choice. The mixed media possibilities are endless! Available in individual 15 gram pots and a selection of sets.

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Brusho SprinkleIT.jpg

Add special effects to Brusho projects with SprinkleIT. These six metallic, iridescent and pearl powders may be used in conjunction with Brusho or any other media to add a new dimension to artwork.

Brusho Flow Medium.jpg

Brusho accessories add yet further creative possibilities. Available in Thickener, Flow Medium, Aquawax Batik Medium and Wax Resist Sticks.

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