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SIMair Original Frisket film is THE original low tack masking film originally marketed by Frisk Products in the early 1970’s, still using the same specially formulated adhesive that gives Original Frisket the low-tack characteristics that are essential to airbrush artists and others that require control of color application. The fine vinyl, either in matt or gloss, cuts cleanly with minimal pressure thus protecting the work surface to be painted underneath. 

Gloss Original Frisket film allows perfect clarity when used in position directly on the artwork. It can also be used as a temporary protective cover for job presentations or work in progress. 

Matt Original Frisket film will accept pencil drawing so masks can be prepared away from the artwork as well as cut in position. The translucent release paper used on Original Frisket film allows light to pass through, enabling projected images to be traced directly onto the matt surface. 

Original Frisket film is available in: rolls of 10” x 4 yards, 15” x 4 yards, 25” x 4 yards, 25” x 10 yards and 25” x 25 yards. It is also available in sheets of 15” x 10” and 25” x 20”. All formats are supplied in both matt and gloss finish.

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