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Spray & Gloo Booths

simar_ub3020 uni-booth.jpg

Professional Uni-booth UB3020 


The SIMair Uni-Booth is a multi-purpose spray booth suitable for airbrushing situations where fumes and overspray present a problem. To prevent inhalation of fumes, SIMair has designed the multi-purpose Uni-Booth. It uses a powerful centrifugal blower, drawing overspray through a fine intake pre-filter and an activated charcoal filter. Clean air is then exhausted back into the local environment or outside via the optional ducting kit (sold separately).


A clear acrylic top allows light into the spray area which is supplied with removable liner and a hanging bar. Ideal for three dimensional items and general design. Also suitable for aerosol sprays. The spray area is 28" x 23" x 19", and replacement intake and charcoal filters are available. 


Dimensions: 28" x 28" x 26" Airflow: 236 cfm 

Gloo Booths


SIMair Gloo-booths are specifically designed for use with aerosol adhesives and fixatives or other products that have a relatively large particle size. The A1 Gloobooth is made from epoxy polyester powder coated steel with a replaceable polypropylene hood surround.


The artwork lays down on the specially designed filter panel, and when the machine is switched on, spray and solvent is drawn into the intake filter and then the charcoal filter underneath by powerful but quiet fans, leaving the environment clean and odor-free. The filtered air is returned to the local environment, or an optional Ducting Kit is available for outside ventilation. 

gloo booth dimensions.jpg



The Airbrush Spray-Away quietly and efficiently eliminates the problem of airbrush over-spray, using Simair's well proven system of suction fans to absorb all types of colour, from water based inks and dyes to spirit and cellulose-based paints. Clear acrylic deflectors and small dimensions allow maximum light onto your work surface and this machine can be fitted semi-permanently onto any work surface. Intake and charcoal filters are available and easy to replace. 


Dimensions: 35" x 14" x 10" Airflow: 340 cfm (3 fans) 

simair spraybooth measurements.jpg
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