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- Liquid Spectrum

Magic Color

- Old Holland Dry Pigments


From Art Spectrum - Lightfast, waterproof, for Artists, Designers, Illustrators & Calligraphers.


Liquid Spectrum is a non-toxic, acrylic based artists’ colour. It is suitable for use with brush, pen, colour shapers or airbrush and will adhere to most clean, non-greasy surfaces including paper, board, metal, glass, certain types of plastic, acetate and fabric. 


The brilliant transparent colours of Liquid Spectrum have many applications. They can be used wet in wet, for graduated and multi-coloured washes, for tinting paper, calligraphy, multi-media works and even as a 'traditional' watercolour when diluted with water.


Liquid Spectrum bottles are fitted with a convenient non-spill stopper to prevent accidental spillage. From this, ink can be dispensed drop by drop or in a steady stream into palettes, airbrush reservoirs etc. If you wish to access larger quantities of ink or use a dip-pen or brush, simply remove the stopper by inserting the point of a skewer (or similar object) into the hole and gently levering out. Liquid Spectrum concentrated colours allow easy and unlimited colour mixing. The ‘non-spill’ stopper makes drop by drop dispensing of colour easy. Many superb colours can be obtained with simple 1:1 or 2:1 mixes if the basic colours. Opaque pastel shades can be obtained by adding equal amounts of white to a colour, or create a beautiful range of metallics by adding one part colour to four or five parts Pearlescent. 




Liquid Spectrum Ink Extender / Medium


Restores adhesion and water resistance in heavily diluted washes. Experiment by adding at least 10% medium to the wash of ink. May also be added to gouache or watercolour washes to provide a level of water resistance.




Liquid Spectrum Ink Fabric Medium


Mix with Liquid Spectrum in equal parts. Then hand paint or airbrush onto fabric. The mix will cure using a hot iron for 1-2 minutes. Place a thin cloth between the painted area and the iron to avoid scorching. Always test fabric beforehand. 




Liquid Spectrum Ink Cleaner


Will remove dried Liquid Spectrum Ink from airbrushes, pens, brushes etc. Can also be used to remove dried ink from artwork at any time. Simply draw, spatter or brush Liquid Spectrum Cleaner onto an area of colour to be removed – wait a minute or two, then blot off with a clean moist tissue or cloth to reveal the original surface. 



For colour selections please refer to the colour chart below:

as liquid spectrum colour chart sm.jpg

Click here for a larger colour chart.

Blue Wool Scale (BWS) ratings of 7 & 8 are considered permanent for artistic purposes.

Please note: Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colours displayed in the colour chart below may not accurately represent the actual colour.

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