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Museo Alu-Frame 


Displays art as it is intended

From the moment you start exhibiting, a work of art is likely to undergo changes. Fluctuations in temperature and humidity may unintentionally affect your work causing wooden stretchers to twist, warp or bend, particularly in larger sizes. With Museo Alu-frame, these issues are a thing of the past.

Strength and stability

The Museo Alu-frame system is an aluminum solution that supports works of art. Aluminum is unaffected by differences in humidity and temperature thus eliminating potential twisting, bending and warping. In addition, the Museo Alu-frame canvas stretchers are highly resistant to both wear and environmental factors that will degrade wooden stretchers over time. Even under extreme conditions, your artwork remains tightly framed.

Virtually any size and any type of canvas can be mounted on a Museo Alu-frame. Nothing is too extreme.


Museo Canvas Rolls

Canvas rolls are a good option for artists who want to stretch their own canvas or need alternative sizes.


Museo offers a range of canvas rolls in two sizes; 105 and 210cm wide. From light weight cotton for smaller artworks to high quality, heavy duty linen for the bigger formats.

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