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Rainbow Liquid Chalk Markers are the premier Liquid Chalk Markers available today. Because they contain real chalk, they deliver a smooth and opaque layer of colour with great covering power. This means the work is clean and vibrant, and in most cases, a single stroke is all that is required to cover the surface. Rainbow Liquid Chalk is available in Wet Wipe formula, in a 6 mm bullet tip, a 6 mm chisel tip, and a 16 mm broad tip, in 9 colours. This water resistant nature of the Wet Wipe formula is unique. While it can be easily and completely removed from non-porous surfaces with pressure from a damp cloth or sponge, the colour remains permanent to water alone. This makes Liquid Chalk ideal in potentially damp or wet environments where it will not run but remains easily removed when necessary, such as outdoor signage or work on an inside surface that might attract condensation. Rainbow Liquid Chalk is designed to be used on non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, good quality blackboard, enameled surfaces, etc, which allow it to be wiped off without staining. If it is used on a porous surface, it becomes permanent. 



Rainbow Marker Tips


Liquid Chalk is used extensively in institutional and industrial environments as well as in food service, restaurant/bar and retail environments for sign writing, menu boards etc. 


Wet Wipe chalk is available in the following colours: Black, white, red, blue, yellow, green, orange, pink, and violet. 


Blackboard Paint


Rainbow Chalk also offers Blackboard Paint which was specially developed for Liquid Chalk Markers. It can be applied to any surface, or re-applied to an old  blackboard, to give a smooth, even, non-porous surface ready for use with Rainbow Liquid Chalk. 


Available in 250 ml tins (this covers approx. 32 sq. ft). Larger drums of 5 liters and 25 liters are available by special order only.

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