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Wolff’s Carbon Pencils and Wolff’s Graphite Pencils are considered by many artists to be the finest drawing and sketching pencils available. 


Wolff’s Carbon Pencils offer the advantage of both graphite and carbon. They allow the artist to draw velvety black lines easily and fluidly with their consistently smooth texture, with no hard spots. They are available in B, 2B, 4B and 6B, both in boxes of 12 or singly on a blister-packed card, as well as in a multi-pack blistered set of one of each degree. A POP display is available containing 36 of each degree and 6 multi-packs.

B, 2B, 4B and 6B


Box of 12


Wolff's Graphite Sketch Set contains only premium quality sketching pencils manufactured with wood from managed forests. 


The following materials are packaged in a reusable storage tin: 


    6 premium-quality, pre-sharpened   

    sketching pencils (HB through 8B) 

    1 Wolff's broad carbon stick 

    1 soft eraser 

    1 metal sharpener 


Wolff’s Broad Carbon Sticks

Carbon sticks combine the advantages of graphite (silky smoothness and sharp lines) with those of charcoal (velvety, rich black lines) without the common

disadvantages of easy breakage and excessive smudging. Artist's carbon in stick form allows for work on larger drawings to be done in broad sweeps of black, bringing texture and drama to the work. For detailed work, the corners and the short edge can be used- perfect for rapid and expressive sketches. Sold 2 in a pack.



Wolff’s Jumbo Charcoal Sticks

Wolff's jumbo charcoal sticks are well known to be consistently silky-smooth with no hard spots. Good charcoal sticks such as this invite the artist to be creative by smudging, blending and erasing to create different textures and tones.This jumbo stick is made of soft, compressed charcoal. The flat edge can be used for broad strokes, or it can be sanded to a fine point for detailed work. 1 jumbo stick per package.


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