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PanPastel Dry Colour Paints

PanPastel Dry Colour Paints

PanPastel® colours are a revolutionary new medium for artists. These are the first pastels that have the unique benefit of being inter-mixable, eliminating the need to invest in hundreds of colours for a complete pastel palette. Artists working in pastel can achieve a more painterly effect than ever before, including techniques for blocking in large areas of colour in seconds as well as applying ultra-thin glazing layers.
All of the 80 PanPastel professional-quality colours are highly pigmented and lightfast. They work wonderfully in conjunction with traditional pastel sticks, as well as with other dry media such as coloured pencil and charcoal. The special formulation of PanPastel® colours delivers an amazingly soft pastel with virtually no dust, and the clever packaging allows them to be stacked together for easy storage or travel for plein air painters. Artists love the fact that unlike with other mediums, there is no lengthy preparation waiting time when working and clean-up is quick and easy. The colours will not dry out and the tools are easily washable and reusable. 

Aside from the advantages mentioned above, artists are also attracted to the incredible value that PanPastel colours offer; each pan contains almost 40% more than the average soft pastel stick. Combined with the much lower dust levels and increased colour control, each PanPastel pan can yield approximately 3-5 times more coverage than a traditional pastel stick. 

Six metallic colours were added to the range in 2012. In 2014 these have been complimented by six pearlescent colours, a colorless blender, a coarse medium and a fine medium in both black & white. Together these products further extend the creative possibilities presented by this unique product range. 

A wide range of sets and kits are available in regular colours, metallic colours, pearlescent colours and mediums

You can view more information on the metallic and pearlescent colours here.

You can view more information on the mediums here.

Please refer to the complete PanPastel® colour chart below following the information on the Sofft® Tools. 

 PanPastel® Studio Palette Trays 
 ...a must for every lover of PanPastel colours! 

Keep your PanPastel colours organized, clean and ready to pick up and paint anywhere with these new studio palette trays. A form-fitting transparent lid is included, making your favourite pastels secure yet enabling you to easily and quickly identify each and every delicious colour. 

PanPastel® 10 colour tray.

PanPastel® 20 colour tray.

Available in 10 and 20 colour capacities from your favourite PanPastel retailer.



The Sofft® range of art tools is a new generation of tools and applicators for artists and crafters. Sofft® Tools were specifically designed for use with PanPastel® colours and can also be used with most water-based art & craft materials to create exciting new techniques, marks and effects.

For information on Sofft® Tools, please click here.

For colour selections please refer to the colour chart below:

Click here for a larger colour chart.

Please note: Due to inherent differences in computer monitors, colours displayed on the attached colour chart may not accurately represent the actual colour.




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