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Sparmax airbrushes are the perfect complement to Sparmax compressors. Every model is designed and built to ensure outstanding value, quality and reliability. With needle sizes ranging from 0.3 mm to 0.7 mm and options that include both gravity and suction feed together with single and dual action operation there is a Sparmax airbrush ideally suited to every application and technique.  

SP575 Airbrush


A professional quality, dual-action 0.5 mm bottom-feed airbrush that is ideal for controlled application of colour over a moderate-sized area. The airbrush is supplied with a 22 cc glass feed bottle and a 65 cc plastic feed bottle; additional bottles can be purchased separately.


The colour flow preset feature allows the operator to precisely adjust the flow of colour as required.


The SP575’s simple construction allows for easy cleaning and maintenance.

SP577 Airbrush


Equipped with all the same features and accessories as the SP575, this high quality airbrush has a 0.7 mm needle/nozzle which is ideal for applying moderate to large amounts of paint to various-sized areas.


The needle/nozzle on the SP575 and SP577 are interchangeable; needle/nozzle/cap conversion kits in both 0.5 mm and 0.7 mm are available for those operators who have a variety of colour flow requirements but do not wish to purchase multiple airbrushes.

DH103 Airbrush


This dual-action, 0.35 mm gravity feed airbrush has a 7 cc colour cup and is ideal for professional application of colour in detailed areas.


The DH103 is equipped with a colour flow pre-set feature that allows the operator to precisely control the spray for increased accuracy when working in areas requiring fine detail. This airbrush is simple to clean and maintain.

DH125 Airbrush


This high quality dual-action. 0.5 mm suction and gravity feed airbrush comes with a 7 cc detachable colour cup, a 22 cc glass side-feed bottle and an 88 cc plastic side-feed bottle. It is equipped with a colour flow pre-set feature so the operator can adjust the spray when required for detailed work.

SP35 / 35F Airbrush


A dual-action, 0.35 mm gravity feed airbrush featuring a 2 cc colour cup. The SP35 is ideal for all hobby applications and is perfectly suited for use by makeup artists. It is equipped with a cut-out barrel allowing access to the needle retaining nut for easy cleaning and for spatter techniques.


The SP35 is supplied with a converter that modifies the airbrush for single action operation if required. The SP35F is identical to the SP35 but modified internally for improved performance at low pressure settings.

MAX 35 Airbrush


The MAX35 is similar to the SP35 but instead of the cut-out barrel it features a colour flow pre-set feature that allows the operator to precisely control the spray for increased accuracy when working in areas requiring fine detail. The MAX35 is supplied with a hose adapter that may be used with canned air.

GP35 / 50 / 70 Airbrush


The Sparmax GP series features an ergonomic and comfortable pistol-grip. Supplied in nozzles sizes of 0.35 mm (GP35), 0.5 mm (GP50) and 0.7 mm (GP70) this range is suitable for applications ranging from hobby though body art to body shop! All models are side feed, double action and include a colour flow pre-set feature plus a hose adapter.


The GP35 and GP 50 are supplies with 7 cc and 15 cc colour cups while the GP70 is supplied with an 80 cc siphon-feed plastic bottle.

GP850 Airbrush

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The Sparmax GP 850 is similar to other GP series airbrushes but designed for applications that require a large fluid container such as scenic design, airbrush tanning etc.


Supplied with a 0.5 mm nozzle this double action airbrush is gravity fed from a 125 ml plastic bottle and features a color flow pre-set control. Alternate caps are also provided to allow for a round or elliptical spray pattern.

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